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Case Study: infomed

Content management, progressive web app and structured data

Infomed is a Swiss medical publishing company that concentrates on evidence-based information about drugs used by general practitioners. Mesh has been infomed’s web partner for over 20 years in their support of healthcare professionals. From its early days as a simple, hard-coded HTML website to its current, recently relaunched, web platform that includes a multitude of functionalities, Mesh has guided informed on all aspects of its international web presence. Despite its relatively narrow usership demographic, the website attracts between up to 5,000 unique visitors per day and contains both freely accessible medical text, as well as password-protected, subscription-based medical articles.

Content Management System

In December 2020 the website was relaunched. Not only did Mesh redesign the front end of the website, but also enhanced it specifically for paying infomed subscribers by adding a number of personalization features. The objective of the redesign was to give the website a fresher look while improving navigability through the website’s rich content.

The infomed platform is built on Mesh’s own content management system which was integrated with the specific infomed publishing workflows. The CMS has bibliography references and glossary references added to the text automatically and dynamically. The administrative, web-based back end allows the publisher to cross-reference between related contents through the article-editing interface, and allows to password protect articles and to auto-generate PDF files.

Structured Data 

The publishing workflow and the public-facing texts have also been integrated with third-party systems to allow better indexing of its contents. Google Scholar-friendly code and digital object identifier (DOI) XML versions are automatically generated when new texts are created or when old ones are edited so that they can be easily registered on those platforms. Google-friendly JSON-LD structured data is built into the system with each article so that the password protected content behind the paywall is properly indexed and can be queried through Google. Finally, infomed contents are further categorized by their anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) codes which allows for more efficient cross referencing of texts and for more efficient navigation through the website.

The website is fully e-commerce capable and accepts both PayPal and credit card payments (Stripe) for new subscriptions or new article/book orders. As is common in Switzerland, orders against postal deposit slips are also accepted. And all website visits are automatically registered with the Swiss intellectual property management system (Pro Litteris).

The relaunch of infomed in December 2020 has seen the addition of a number of personalization features during which much effort was spent on optimizing navigation within the website and improving ergonomics: quick title filters and full text search is available everywhere. From an administrative point of view, communication with infomed users has much improved thanks to new tools and a more engaged readership.

Progressive Web App

Mesh recently developed an online version of infomed’s popular book “100 wichtige Medikamente,” a drug guide for the 100 most important drugs in a general practitioner’s arsenal. This online adaptation has two distinct digital versions: users can access the drug guide directly on the website (as long as their user rights allow it); or as a progressive web app (PWA) where users can install the drug guide directly on their desktop or mobile device without the need to log in or be online.