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An online global award-rate calculator

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Calculators, maps and APIs is a web platform that offers an array of tools for users to make the most of their frequent flyer mile programs. It is the most comprehensive award-rate calculator available on the web, and includes almost 200 different programs. The ability to compare multiple programs simultaneously makes a destination of choice for those looking to optimize frequent flyer currencies with a simple click. was an alpha startup at the 2019 WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal

The tools developed for this platform include the following:

Award Rate Calculator

This calculator allows users to select any two worldwide destinations to determine how much an award rate ticket would cost in any of the almost 200 programs included. The award rate calculator can handle both zones-based calculators, as well as distance-based calculators and anything in between. The system has the ability to store additional background information on any destination pairs, giving users extra depth and intelligence.

Suggestions Engine

The suggestions engine allows users to explore possible flights given the points or miles they have collected in their respective programs. Users enter the number of miles that they have, select a starting point and a program and the system will then automatically make destination suggestions based on that data. This tool helps loyalty program members visualize where their collected currency might allow them to travel.

Transfer Calculators

Most frequent flyer programs are associated with a large number of partners. These partnerships often allow a transfer of currencies from one program to another, however, it is often difficult to determine exchange rates between programs. It becomes even more complex if one tries to break that down to an award ticket price. automates the conversion between hotel/credit card programs against actual award rates for flights.

Award Zone Maps

Many frequent flyer programs organize their award rates according to geographical zones. However, these geographical zones vary from program to program so that calculating the award rate from point a to point b varies greatly. And sometimes the geographical zone definition can appear confusing. lets users call up maps with all the destinations displayed by zone (Google Map integration). This gives frequent flyer program members a much better understanding of how the award rates might work in their favour. 
Milez map


In addition to the tools available on the public-facing website, Mesh also developed APIs that are made available to clients. These clients pull data directly from the system and integrate it in their own online solutions. The data is available in multiple languages and has had clients from all over the world using this web-service mechanism.

The platform includes an entire administrative back end where users can be managed, payments can be tracked, and banner ads can be maintained. The maintenance of frequent flyer program data is managed through an offline staging platform that is also used to develop new functionality on the system.