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Multi-lingual web-generated drug information sheets

Case Study:

Custom publishing and content maintenance is a subscription-based web platform that provides medication information to patients in Switzerland in a convenient and easy-to-understand format, supporting both patients and their physicians/pharmacists. Available in eight different languages, helps medical professionals communicate key health information much more easily to their clients when language may pose a challenge.
Plain language drug information sheets in Switzerland's eight most common languages

Mesh designed a system that allows for the quick assembling of simple, clearly laid out drug information sheets without the need of continuous editing and/or translating. This system is based on maintaining a universe of semantic components (language blocks) in a master language with matching translations at the ready in all the available languages. All drug information sheets can be assembled by with the available master language components. As soon as an information sheet is assembled in one language, it is also available in all the other languages. Any edits in the master language immediately cascade through all other languages. The initial version of includes the eight most common languages in Switzerland, including:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Albanian
  • Turkish

During an in-person or virtual meeting with a patient, a medical professional can quickly assemble the drug information sheets pertinent to the treatment of her/his patient in the language(s) most familiar and best understood by the patient. The output can be printed on paper or emailed as a PDF.

The system can handle as many languages as desired including utf-8 encoded languages such as, for example, Turkish. In addition, the med111 data has been normalized so that brand names, that are often only available in specific markets, can also be added and therefore make the system scalable to other jurisdictions.

Download an example sheet here (Dexamethasone in German, French and Albanian).

The med111 data information is currently available on the med111.comwebsite but it has been designed to make the information available via APIs, directly as PDFs, or in a white label version.